Saturday, April 24, 2010

Part 0001

I have made the easiest of the Delrin parts. First I sawed out a piece.
Then I clamped a piece of wood and pocketed an area big enough for the Delrin.
I clamped it down and pocketed a rectangle at z10 with my 6mm slot drill.
Then I changed tool to the 3mm slot drill and pocketed and profiled the holes.
Then I profiled around the outside shape with the 6mm slot drill. The first operation used two depths of cut and left 0.1mm around the outside, climb milling. The second op used one depth of cut and took off the 0.1mm.
I used two tags.
I was pleased with the accuracy. I sawed out the part and sanded off the tags.
All done with HeeksCNC software ( ). Although I did find some problems and improvements which I had to make to the software before I could get the toolpath.