Friday, February 27, 2009

toroidal cutter - problems

celeron55 has done some work on zigzag operation. Now I have tried a zigzag operation with a toroidal cutter and it seems to have some problems, click on the picture for full size


andyw said...

Hi Dan,

Looks like very nice progress with heeksCNC, keep up the good work!

Are you using the old code for drop-cutter with a toroidal tool from my site?
I lifted it from a paper on the subject, but it turns out the math in the paper is plain wrong!
The toroidal case is harder than the cylindrical and spherical, so it makes sense to have three different codes. I's like to work on this but have very little time for it.


Anders W

Dan Heeks said...

Anders, Thanks for the support.

It is now using pycam ( on SourceForge by Lode Leroy )
But I don't know where he gets his code from.

goatchurch said...

Dan, We've *got* to meet up again. When are you free to make it to Liverpool on your way past?

I would like to find a way to share the code necessary for doing toroidal collisions in a common cpp file(s).

Dan Heeks said...

I'd love to meet up again some time for a chat, although my car is reluctant to park in Liverpool again. It's not necessary to meet physically, anyway, these days, in order to work together on software. I've been chatting online with people from America, Canada, Finland, Germany, China, etc. regularly recently, either by email or at #cam IRC on FreeNode.

For 3D finishing operations, my HeeksCNC software is simply writing Python script using the pycam project.
The best way to talk to the pycam guys is here
It is written by Lode Leroy. A contributor to pycam "lezdep" emailed me to see if I was interested in converting pycam to C++, but my priorities are with the 2D operations at the moment.

The best way you can help with drop-cutter code, from my point of view, is to improve the pycam project.

Dan Heeks said...

P.S. If you're in the Malvern, Worcestershire area, come and see me at my office.

lode said...


this bug is probably fixed in svn...

Dan Heeks said...


Yes, this look good now.