Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Real machining again

celeron55 did some milling of wood with his homemade machine, using HeeksCNC software, which prompted me to do some machining on my machine. It was good being able to have my little Dell Mini 9 computer near to the machine, so that I could remember where the X0 Y0 position is in relation to the drawing. My machine requires a M3 code on the spindle speed line, otherwise the spindle doesn't start. It was a good thing I did a dry run 5mm above the material, first. See the video on


Sergey said...

Looks great. Congratulations. I assume
clip was shortened. Even though I cannot
see where, but machine couldn't have
finished that fast.

Dan Heeks said...

The video was just of the finish profile operation. The pocket is only 20mm across. No, it wasn't shortened.