Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I added an option "Use old solid fuse" and made it the default. When using the old method, it fixes the problem with unwanted edges.

I found this here
see 'Use Old Boolean Operations “BRepAlgo_Fuse” can avoid coplanar faces.'

However, apparently the new method is better in other ways, so I have made an option.


Yorik said...

This is a strange OCC feature, those unions/fusions that keep the intersecting faces separated... I had never seen that before. In freecad it behaves like that too. But actually I also think it's not so bad, so you can do something with the intersection faces later on...

Switcher said...

Any chance your cad program will support Inkscape SVG or plain SVG files, exported from Inkscape?

I've tried to import both types of svg files into HeeksCAD, & all lines are broken.

Thanks, Switcher

Dan Heeks said...

SVG files open OK in HeeksCAD for me. Maybe it is the same problem as this
Do you use Linux or Windows?

Switcher said...

I use Windows XP.

I'm trying to convert Inkscape SVG files, into dxf files, working with HeeksCAD.

Here are 2 SVG test files from Inkscape:

HeeksCAD will open the SVG files with no problems, except the entire SVG is all broken lines.

I included 2 SVG files exported from Inkscape

1) Inkscape SVG
2) Simple SVG

Those are the 2 export options from Inkscape.

Thanks, for your help.