Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Flyout toolbars improvement

Flyout toolbars working OK with Windows, but not quite right with Ubuntu.


Dan Heeks said...

This problem is almost fixed. I changed "Moving()" to "Entering()".

Attila said...

Hello mate :D ,
I encountered HeeksCAD while I was looking for information on OpenCascade, looks very very nice, congrats!

I really like the user interface and the visualization of the geometry (shaded + black edges), it looks like Catia to me :D , very nice ;) .

Unfortunately I think the program is not what I was looking for, I needed a CAD to build a parametric model of an assembly, it's basically a linear actuator where every part is automatically calculated and then its 3D representation change accordingly...

I wanted to use open cascade for the project and I installed Salome few days ago but I don't know if it can deal with assemblies (in particular constrain components to each other), an other possibility is pythonOCC, looks very nice (and complex...), do you have any kind of suggestion? Sorry for the OT :D.


Dan Heeks said...


No, HeeksCAD is not yet a parametric solid modeller. I am waiting for someone to make a feature tree. :) I have not enough time to do this myself.

If you are a python programmer, then pythonOCC is the thing to use. You can make your own python class for your actuator and have it recalculate a new OCC solid every time it changes.

If you are a C++ programmer, you could make a HeeksCAD plugin.