Friday, July 9, 2010

Attach operation

I have added an "Attach" operation.
You select a solid before making it.
Any other operation done, after an attach operation, will have its feed moves dropped down on to the solid ( or solids ) specified by the attach operation. This can be cancelled by an "Unattach" operation.
In the picture, an existing "Pocket" operation is attached to the cone.
This is not finished yet. I need to add a "minimum z" value to the attach operation; currently it is set to 0. Also, I need to decide if the z height specified in the existing operation should be taken into account. For example, if the pocket operation is trying to cut to z-1, should I make this be 1mm below the surface contact point?


Dan Falck said...

This is excellent!

Leif said...

Hi, I'm trying to understand the HeeksCNC program and want it to generate a path round a simple 2d shape (a sketch). But the generated path is quite weird, The tool has a radius of 1.5mm but still the path is most of the time 1mm from the sketch, but it's not constant so it differs along the path. Also at some joints in the sketch the path loops in a circle and even crosses the sketch line while doing so. What am I doing wrong?


elmo40 said...

I believe this operation is called a "Containment Boundary". It contains the tool in a certain XY geometry while profiling the Z. This helps in cutting parts that require clamps to hold it down but can be in the way of a long clean cut.
Now then, how can we add an M00 with a note telling the operator to 'move clamp from position 1 to position 2' and continue with the next containment? Do we have to stitch this manually? or are multiple containment boundaries with preferential order in the works ;)

Dan Heeks said...

elmo40, what you see here is a 2D pocketing operation, but preceded by the new "attach" operation.
The attach operation drops, in Z, onto the surface, all the 2D feed moves of the pocketing operation.
So, it is the pocket operation that could be renamed to "Containment Boundary", but not the attach operation.

elmo40 said...

true, that existing 'pocket operation' is not really a pocket bound by the part shape but by a 'containment boundary' sketch. changing that one would make sense.

now for the attach... what do you mean by it is attached to the cone?
you have a cone(solid). you have a boundary(sketch). then you add the attach which makes the tool go Z-deep to the solid within the sketch? when unattached what happens to the tool path, it ignores the sketch and tries to machine the whole part?
i am still confused as to the exact definition of 'attach'.

Dan Heeks said...

The pocket operation is associated with the sketch and makes concentric offsets of the sketch for the toolpath.
The "attach" operation is only associated with the solid ( not the sketch ). It causes any toolpath to be attached ( using opencamlib's drop-cutter code ) to the solid.
The attach operation can also be used to make a profile operation be attached to a solid, for example.

elmo40 said...

As for the Z issue. The solid is the variable Z limiter containing the tool path within the sketch for the pocket. Pocket total depth is a different variable when you are off of the solid. If I put -1 for the pocket and the attach has a minimum Z of 0 then that would mean to me for any pocket boundary which contains the solid will only reach 0, anywhere else off of the solid would go down to -1. As of 0.15.1 if I have the Attach's minimum Z at 0.25 but the Pocket set to 0 it over rides the pockets depth to 0.25 leaving me material to cut with another operation. See here Mind you, the Pocket Op is not reading the Step Down properly... There should be 4 passes to cut the way I want it to cut. I only see one.