Saturday, September 11, 2010

zig zag option for pocket operation

I added a "use zig zag" check box to the pocket operation in HeeksCNC. It seems to work really well. It works by making a rectangle for each slice of the area. It does a boolean "intersect" of the rectangle with the area to pocket. Then it loops through the resulting spans. It starts with the straight line at the bottom of the result and adds all the spans until it gets to the top of the slice. I also added a "zig angle" value too.

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andyw said...

can we get the spans from this operation and use them as input for drop-cutter to create "raster-finish" paths on 3D surfaces? We would need the 'silhouette' of the surface to start with. This can be done with a waterline-op using a small diameter tool and then offsetting inward (there could also be an option on how much overlap one wants at the edges of the model)