Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fin made from Acetal-C

I am making 6 of these. It took me a whole day just to make 2.
The operations are:
* 16mm face machining leaving 4mm thick 8mm wide sections to fit into table - 10 mins
* 6mm slot drill - 15 mins
* 6mm ball nosed - 30 mins
* 6mm slot drill - 15 mins
* 6mm ball nosed - 30 mins
* 3mm slot drill - 0.3 mins
The rest of the time is tool changing and preparation. I think I might be able to make 4 in one day.


andyw said...

this kind of airfoil has curvature essentially only in one direction. That means the finish operation should be doable with a bull-nose/filleted endmill. The 6mm ballnose has R=3, but I think you could go with a D=10 and R=2 or similar bull-nose cutter and get a faster finish pass by using a larger step-over while retaining the same surface finish.

One of the long-tern goals of my cutting-simulation would be to explore what step-over/scallop parameters are required for a certain surface finish given a cutter (or vice versa).

Tom the Biker said...

Have you considered machining an airfoil with turbulators...