Monday, March 17, 2014

HeeksCNC 1.0

I made a release of HeeksCNC 1.0, my CAD/CAM software, for Windows.

You can program drilling, profile and pocket operations.

You can then run a simulation of solid removal.

This amazing software is less than $20. Get it here


Ševc Dominik said...

Hi. I see your software and looks good ..
I want to generate Gcode from STEP file (Autodesk INventor) .. try it but still don't know how .. is possible help me ..
Step by step .. I searching tutorial video in web but not find ..

Dan Heeks said...

Hi, yes you can extract geometry from a STEP file. See here

Greg said...

Thanks for the great software, certainly worth the money. I notice that in some earlier versions of your software that there was a "waterline" option ( but I cannot find any reference in the current version. Is there something I need to do to enable it?

d3tic said...

I have been using the free versions of HeeksCNC for a while and I recently purchased 1.0. I have found a number of bugs.
My main problem is that when I added operations, such as profiles I can no longer tell which sketch they are associated with as there is no sketch object under the profile operation just an object called Tags, which only has object type and visible as properties.

Also is there any docomentation on editing splines. Can knots and Poles be deleted/added?
I like the gears but is there a way to calculate the centers of 2 gears for proper meshing?

Dan Heeks said...

Hi d3tic,
See the bug fixes page. I made it so you can click on the profile operation and see the sketch associated with it.
"24th April - When the profile or pocket operation is selected there is no indication of which sketch is selected"
Please email me and I will send you a link to the latest version.

No, splines can't have their knots added or deleted.
No, you have to calculate your own gear spacing. But if you make a sketch of the gear ( on the right-click menu ), you can drag this around to see where the spacing should be.