Sunday, June 13, 2010

An aluminium part

Yesterday, after drilling the holes for Part 0009 and making a couple of other small Delrin parts, I made this aluminum ( HE30 ) part for my friend Maaten. There was a mistake on the other side where a profile offset, for a counterbore, failed on HeeksCNC and I didn't realize. This caused the roughing passes to only have lead on and lead off moves, but no profile. The finishing pass, at full depth of 6.5mm was calculated OK, so when it machined the finishing pass, it was almost too much for it and the circular hole wasn't very round.
On the side we can see in the picture, the slots were mostly too wide, because the rough pocketing ( done with 0.1mm extra clearance at the sides ) was done in a "conventional" style, where the path goes clockwise, which caused it to take off too much material. I need to be able to specify "climb" or "conventional" for pocketing aswell as profiling.

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