Friday, June 4, 2010

Part 0007 1 done

I finished one of these parts. Now I must make another one. There are various things I am not happy about with this one. Having to cut it in at least 4 different setups has made it difficult to plan the clamping. In the top picture, I have cut the wood so that there is a post for one of the holes at the top right and an island for most of the big circle hole. This was not clamped ideally and you can see in the 3rd picture how the profile doesn't match up.
In the 4th picture, you can see where I made a programming error for one of the holes ( I had to program it separately from the others because of some geometry error I don't understand yet ). I accidentally typed the final depth in to the rapid-to height. This highlights the need for my software to warn me if the rapid-to height is below the start depth. In my next version of the software, the rapid-to height will be a relative distance above, instead of an absolute z height.

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