Wednesday, December 10, 2008

HeeksCAD on Linux

I built HeeksCAD on Linux. I am so pleased. It's got various problems; toolbar icons, graphics refresh. Thanks so much to "archivist" on the #cam IRC chat group, for his help with the basics of using gcc. Now I need to check that all my changes still build in Visual Studio.


dan falck said...

Hi Dan,

That's great news for me. I was able to get HeeksCad running under Ubuntu/wine earlier, but this will be much better.

Thank you,
Dan Falck

Mark said...

Looks like a nice program. I wrote cam-occ long ago, and I hope to get back into the swing of things soon. I'm trying to refresh my memory of how the OCC stuff works.

You don't happen to know EXPRESS, HOOPS, or Parasolid, do you? I just got my hands on some incomplete code that I'd like to fill out and publish. It's incomplete because 3 commercial packages were used with it. Using OCC for visualization and modelling probably won't be too bad, but the STEP stuff sounds like it will be difficult.

Are you aware of EMC ( It's too bad we didn't get to you before you paid for Mach ;-)