Monday, January 5, 2009


The guys at #cam on FreeNode have been able to get the hidden source code from CVS.
I have built it and got it to make the roughing toolpath on the sample stl file.


David said...

Hi, could you provide a pointer to freesteel so that I could learn a bit about it?

Dan Heeks said...

There will be a Google Code project soon.
This is an adaptive roughing algorithm written in C++ by Julian Todd and Martin Dunschen in 2004. The code was lost to the world until a few weeks ago, when a man called Martyn found it.
I will announce it here, when Martyn has a Google Code project. If you can't wait, I have a copy of the source code that I have messed about with. I could email you a copy. I am

Dan Heeks said...

There is now a Google Code project for freesteel