Sunday, January 18, 2009

pycam DropCutter

I made a sphere, saved it as an stl file.
I ran this DropCutter test in pycam, see picture ( click on it for full size )
I opened the NC file in HeeksCNC output window; which backplots it.
At the line of code shown ( for example )
X-7.0000 Y-4.0000
It cuts back through the sphere!
What am I doing wrong?


lode said...

in pycam there are path generators (DropCutter and PushCutter) that gererate a sequence of cutter locations.
you need to set a a PathProcessor (eg. ZigZag) to make a toolpath these
(see SimpleGui) these should be adding the gc.safetyheight()

Dan Heeks said...

Thanks. I have made an exporter that read your pathlist and calls my "feed" and "rapid" function ( see ). See my next blog entry for a picture. Thanks for pycam. I will try some the other machining types later.