Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Part 0012 without holes

I made this part. No holes in the ends yet, though. The surface finish could be better. I am doing the finishing pass at a feedrate of 100. Maybe I should try 50?
Most of the time was spent doing the roughing, because I was only happy descending 1mm at a time with the 6mm tool. It took about 2 hours machining.

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elmo40 said...

Surface Finish is more dependent on the number of flutes and sharpness of the tool as opposed to feed rate.
at work we have two schools of thought: 6-flute low RPM 0.004" depth of cut - OR - 4-flute high helix low RPM 0.002" cut. I like how the 6-flute is able to remove more material while still a superb finish.
You may think it is still sharp but the material knows best ;)