Monday, November 1, 2010

Part 0012

I am going to make this part out of aluminium alloy.
The first thing is to saw out a piece of Delrin as the sub table and pocket a shape oversize, for the aluminium rectangle to fit in. I can specify to cut a sketch oversize by putting a negative value in the "material allowance" box. I am using a development version of HeeksCNC, which includes a commercial pocketing library written by Lou Lavery, that I am planning on reselling as an option for HeeksCNC when it is ready. I am trying to write a free version of pocketing, but it's not easy.


andyw said...

There was a recent message on the boost/ggl list about adding "voronoi-diagram for line segments" to ggl. This could lead to a fast way of computing the 2D offset of a polygon boundary. For pocketing the offsets then need to be linked up in some sensible order.

andyw said...

Here is a link:

Dan Heeks said...

Thanks Anders. The offsets in my free software, using Clipper by Angus Johnson are working fine, but I am still working on joining them together.