Thursday, May 6, 2010

Part 0002

I am making another part using HeeksCNC 0.13.0 and my Sieg KX1.
I made several mistakes and the part is scrap, but I didn't break any tools.
Mistake 1: The clamps were not far enough from the toolpath. I loosened one clamp and moved it and retightened it during cutting. This let the part lift up a little and I cut too deep. I should have pressed STOP, then moved the clamp, then restarted the operation.
Mistake 2: I zeroed the Z of the chamfer tool assuming it comes to a sharp point, but it has a small flat. So the chamfer was cut too big.
Mistake 3: I saw 5 holes and assumed they were all the same size, but some of them were smaller.
I will try again with no mistakes.

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