Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Part 0006 finished

I made these two.
This concave corner was drawn as a perfect corner. I have made it with a 3mm radius. I hope this is OK. Also the internal corners I made with a 3mm radius instead of the 2mm radius they were drawn with, so I could use my favourite 6mm slot cutter.
I am not so happy with the holes at the end. I machined a piece of wood with a hole in, as a guide piece to fit the end, then I drilled them on dad's pillar drill. The depth is pretty accurate, but the position is not good. If X is the 100mm side and Y is the 10mm side, then the position is accurate to X 0.02 on each of them, which I am happy with. But on one of them the Y is 0.20 wrong and on the second one Y is 0.10 wrong. For the second one, I put a clamp across the wood, which seems to have helped. I believe I need to use a better material as the guide. I should use an off-cut of delrin. The holes were drawn 6.4mm diameter. I used a 6mm drill and the hole ended up about 5.9mm diameter. I don't have a 6.5mm drill. I will buy a box of drills which include a 6.5mm drill and redrill them with a delrin guide, later.

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