Monday, March 29, 2010

opencamlib problems

I found a problem with opencamlib on this cone example this morning and I added an "issue" on opencamlib, hoping to fix it myself tonight, however Anders has already fixed it now.
This was what it looked like before:

This is what it looked like after:


andyw said...

the toolpath closest to the viewer that only just touches the cone still doesn't look right? it seems to jump up and down?

Maybe we need a smoothness-tester which would automatically warn about these things?

a debugging-class, which reports on the problematic cl-position(s) and triangle(s) could also be useful.

Dan Heeks said...

This toolpath is correct.
At that point, the tool just touches the surface, at the other points, the tool doesn't touch.
If the user doesn't want the spike, they must edit the minimum and maximum y values.
The function I was using to get the extents of the solid was inaccurate. It was giving the minimum y as -9.98 instead of -10.0. I have fixed this now and the toolpath looks good.

elmo40 said...
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Dan Heeks said...

You can make a new issue here
In 0.12, the HeeksCNC.dll path is passed as a program argument to HeeksCAD. You would have to edit the shortcut which runs HeeksCAD.exe