Thursday, March 18, 2010


I have been trying opencamlib ( ). It seems to work OK with a couple of tests. It took 15 seconds to make the NC file for the 10,000 points in the picture. The model made 4084 triangles. It took 25 seconds more to backplot the NC file to see the toolpath in HeeksCNC. I need to change my script to have rapid moves to the clearance plane, before this is useful.


andyw said...

The latest version of the algorithm now uses a kd-tree for looking up triangles under the cutter and should be even faster. Here you are creating the CL-points in Python and then calling drop-cutter. There is also a function which generates the grid of points in c++, not sure which is better. I could make one with the kd-tree speedup which is directly callable from Python also.

latest movie is here:


Vincent T said...

Is it possible to get just the ocl.dll file to enable this feature, or do I need to install all the other bits and pieces needed and build it myself? Some documentation on this would be great. Thanks.