Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tags for profile operation

I have added the option to program tags in HeeksCNC for the profile operation, by ramping up and down over the tag while cutting the profile.
You can specify the width, angle and number of tags.
They are simply spaced evenly around the length of the profile.
I tested the toolpath by cutting a 20mmx20mm square in some wood.
I was able to cut through the tags with my penknife.
The first video shows a mistake. I had set z = 0 to be at the bottom of the block, instead of at the top of the block as programmed.

1 comment:

AndyT said...

Good stuff!

I have been scouring the web looking for good CAD/CAM packages and it looks like you are developing a rather interesting piece of software.

I have considered cambam in the past, but can't really justify the cost at this early stage in my forray into CNC, and the lack of tabs in the free version was a bit limiting.

So I was rather pleased when I saw your blog post about implmenting tabs, and I think i'll be giving your pieces of software a go when I get the CNC machine in action over the Easter weekend.

Keep up the good work!