Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bigger tags

I did the same test of "conventional" vs "climb", but with bigger tags. These were programmed as "tag width" = 10mm, so the tags should have been 5mm deep. I measure one, it was 4.97mm deep.
The following measured at about 5mm below the top:
x width = 19.82mm
y width = 19.83mm
x width = 20.09mm
y width = 19.97mm


elmo40 said...

CV vs CB has many factors. One large factor is machine stability.
On a home-built machine that uses an ACME thread with backlash it is better to conventional mill. One that uses ballscrews could get away with climb milling.
what was your setup?

Dan Heeks said...

I have ballscrews. This is my machine: